by divinefilmstudio, December 30, 2017

When a new technology develops, its predecessor usually fades into labels such as”obsolete” or “antiquated”. For the most part we quickly forget last year’s model and focus on what is new. Capturing moving images on screen is one technology that is constantly growing to improve how this is done.

The most recent victim of fast growing technology is film. Today we have digital which is gradually taking over what film used to do. So which is the better of the two methods? Film or digital? As of today movie makers in Hollywood are split in their preference of the two. Film is still popular due to the fact that most film makers of today understand and have exclusively used film technology. Subjectively, a large consensus of filmmakers state that film produces a better overall picture quality and captures a greater depth of field. Directors like Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan say the quality of film is still simply better.

As for digital video, the quality may not seem as rich but manipulations and function of digital is much more diverse than film. Digital is also much cheaper for both, during a shoot and in post production. Directors such as Michael Mann and Tim Burton have fully converted to digital.

Overall, the debate between these two technologies will last for years to come but digital will eventually take over as the standard as digital audio did to vinyl.

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