by divinefilmstudio, December 30, 2017

There has been a large boom in the Punjabi film industry over the last few years. Punjabi films date back to the 1950’s but until recently has not had much commercial success with the exception of a few films. Even as recent as the beginning of our new millennium there were only a handful of movies produced every year for the first decade. Recently that has all changed due to larger funding. “Thanks to the corporate producers, Punjabi films are now technically on a par with Hindi movies,” says chief of Lakshya Movies, Surinder Talya, who’s company distributes Punjab films.

The resurgence of Punjab films is sometimes credited to the 2002 film Jee Aayan Nu, which had a plot less melodramatic than the string of movies in the industry years previous. Also, due to the larger budget, movies were given the flexibility to shoot scenes at various locales around the world as well as having the access to the latest technology in the film industry. The past few years have seen an increase in higher population of South Asian immigration in western countries, helping add worldwide attention and appeal.

In 2013 the Punjab government initialized two projects to further the advancement and development of the Punjab film industry by creating Film City and Film Institute in the Mohali district of India. With higher funding and a worldwide growing audience, the Punjabi film industry will further see a higher quality and quantity of movies to come.

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